Changes in Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses and although there are changes happening to Facebook and Twitter I would still recommend using those tools for promotion. Facebook is going to be reducing the number of organic brand posts because they are cluttering news feeds, this can limit the reach but posting will still be beneficial. Companies can still target their customers when posting, the total reach will be limited which could limit the word of mouth marketing but the message will still get to those who are interested in the company. For new companies it may be more difficult to grow a larger following. The posts that are “too promotional” will be affected by these new rules.

Twitter is also implementing new rules to try to get more people to continue to use Twitter. These new rules will cut down some of the noise and make posts that are popular be seen by many. Twitter will show the most popular messages they missed when they were gone from the site with highlights from their timelines. I think this will be very beneficial for brands to use.   If they are sending messages out on twitter there is always the chance that it will not be seen since Twitter is so fast passed and messages can be off timelines after a few minutes. With this new implementation brands could have their messages highlighted on timelines for the people who missed the message the first time.

Social media will always be changing and I believe this is just one of many changes to come for Facebook and Twitter, but I still believe it is beneficial for brands.


Twitter and Instagram in PR


Twitter and Instagram are powerful tools on social media. Twitter is a great way to get a message out quickly to a large audience. Twitter has the ability for live tweeting, which is good for events. Instagram is a great way to share images. Both these platforms are beneficial for Public Relations. Our Twitter and Instagram project has really shown me the uses for Public Relations, since the project required us to have 30 total it allowed us to use the platforms in different ways.

I think in Public Relations one of the most beneficial uses of Twitter is live tweeting. In class this was useful when we had guest speakers. Using the class hashtag will connect all tweets about the speaker, and this can help to figure out what the class found the most interesting and important. This could be used not only for guest speakers but for general lectures as well. Retweeting is also a powerful tool. A large number of my tweets for the project were retweets of classmates. This is beneficial and relates to Public Relations because it is another way to see what students find important. If a specific tweet gets a lot of retweets, it is obvious that the information is important. Twitter is also a great tool to connect to classmates and speakers. Since Twitter is very conversational it is easy to communicate with others.

When learning about the different photography rules and tips Instagram is very useful. Instagram is very popular today and can show an artistic side for public relations. In this project I did not use Instagram as much because I feel in a classroom setting Twitter is more appropriate but in public relations both platforms are very useful.

The Daunting Idea of Taking on the Real World

As a senior looking to find a job after graduation one of my greatest fears is that I will find myself in a place where I dread waking up to go to work everyday. I hear stories about how a lot of people hate their job right out of college but it’s a step in the right direction so they weather the storm. While I respect that there are necessary steps to get to where you want you want to you may not love every aspect of your job, I hope to find something that I at least so some extent enjoy doing everyday.

Molly Currey, Executive Vice President of DKC changed my view on this, I now want a job that I LOVE and I know that’s possible. I don’t mean this in the sense that I am the best and can get any job anywhere, I just I believe I can find a job that I will enjoy doing everyday. Molly spoke about her job and her past experiences with such joy, I could tell that while it is work and can be difficult at times, she loves what she does and always has.

Work is work, and as Molly said “ you have to work your ass off” but when it is something you are passionate about it doesn’t have to feel like work. Everyone has a passion for something, so follow that and find a job you will love doing everyday. I think when it comes to our abilities; we are our biggest barriers, we are the ones holding ourselves back but it doesn’t have to be like that. Molly had a great job where she was doing what she loved, but she realized she was at the end and there was nowhere else she could advance to in this company. So instead of staying at a stand still she did what some would think is crazy and walked away from great job. This was so inspirational to hear, and taught me that if you aren’t satisfied, or you think you can do more, go do it, don’t hold yourself back.

It was truly a pleasure and inspiration to hear Molly’s story and as she said the “moral is the story is you can have it all and you can take it all you just need hard work, persistence and common sense.” So lets go out and take it all!

Coca Cola’s Effective Social Media Policy

Since social media is such a huge part of well-known brands it is important to have social media policies. Coca Cola is a brand known for having a strong presence on social media so there is no surprise they have a detailed social media policy. Their social media principles can be found online and it goes over their vision to achieve growth, company commitments, core values, and expectations. Coca cols stated that they know the importance of participating in online conversations and they care about doing it the right way. They also claim that these principles will develop and help empower their company as a new frontier of marketing and communications.

Coca Cola clearly states the five core values of the company in the online community. Those values are Transparency, Protection, Respect, Responsibility, and Utilization. The first value, transparency, they say they do not condone fake pages and if someone has a fake page it must be made clear that it is not part of the company. The second value is protection; they have protection of their consumers’ privacy. The next value is respect of copyrights, trademarks, and rights of publicity and third party rights on social media. The forth value is responsibility in the use of technology. The final core value is utilization of the best practices, and listening to the online community. I think it is important that the company states these core values early on so they are very clear.

They clearly state that there is a big difference between speaking on behalf of the company and speaking about the company. This is very important. The policy then explains the principles that people should consider when using personal accounts. Many times people will use their personal accounts to talk about certain companies and this can often get them in trouble. The Coca Cola policy gives tips for employees when using their personal sites.

I think the overall policy is put together very well and makes the objectives clear.

Is social media too social for the workplace?

socail media

Social Media is a common place to stay connected to friends, share pictures and give updates, so does it belong in the work place? This is a difficult question to answer because there are both positives and negatives to allowing the use of social media in the workplace.

Social media is a social tool and many would ague that it should not be allowed because it is taking away from doing actual work. If an employee is spending a lot of time on social media it will take away from work they are supposed to be doing. In this case they are losing money for the company because they are busy doing non-work related things at work.

Nowadays it seems like the phrase “its not what you know its who you know” is becoming more appropriate. For me as a senior, looking for a job, it seem like everyone keeps telling me to make as many relationships as possible because they will be the ones who will be able to help me in the future. Relationships can also be helpful in the work place, if you are trying to create a work partnership with another company. Since relationships can be beneficial in work settings and social media is a great way to maintain relationships, this is a good argument for allowing social media in the workplace.

Another argument for allowing social media is that it is a great promotional that many companies use, therefore it is required in the workplace. Social media is a inexpensive way for companies to advertise or promote their company or products. Since social media has such a large reach, it is a great tool for getting a message out to a large amount of people. If social media is used for the business, then it should be allowed in the workplace.

Coca-Cola’s Great Use of Content

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 5.57.04 PM

Coca-Cola is a very well known brand and recently Ashley Callahan launched Journey for the company, a website that was redesigned as a more editorial magazine format. Content on this website can be a blog, a story, a video, photo. The content that goes into this site is very important because that is what drives views.

According to analytics the most common searches phrases on the site are food, company history and jobs. According to Callahan this was surprising especially with Coca-Cola cake was one of the most common searches, which she had not guessed would be in the top. Because these analytics they were able to change the content to reflect what the consumer wanted. Knowing this information is very beneficial especially because the site is very content based.

Social media is a popular tool and in the past nine months all social media accounts have increased by over 100%. This shows the power of content, instead of tweeting something asking who likes Coca-Cola, they will now tweet a link to story on Journey that could be beneficial to the consumer.

Going along with social media is consumer involvement; Journey is using this as well. People like to be involved in the conversation and social media makes this easier with the two-way communication aspects. On the Journey homepage there is a section where consumers can upload photos of themselves, this gets them involved and creates a positive brand impressions of Coca-Cola.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 5.56.46 PM

Journey has grown immensely since its launch and in my opinion it will continue to grow and help the company.

Social Media Mishap

Social media can be a great promotional tool for businesses as well as individuals.  However; it can also be a double-ended sword, so companies must be aware of what they post before they click send.

One company they suffered from not being fully informed before posting content is Celeb Boutique.  On July 12, 2014 at about 10:30 am Celeb Boutique tweeted “#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress…” The hashtag was trending because the tragic shooting that occurred at the midnight premiere of The Dark Night Rises at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, CO.  During this shooting 12 people were killed and 70 others were injured.


This mistake caused many people to become upset.  People believed it was insensitive since so many people were injured.  Not only was it insensitive but also this could have been easily avoided.  If Celeb Boutique had researched the trending hashtag they would have seen that it was not about a dress but about a shooting that occurred.


Celeb Boutique issued an apology tweet saying they were sorry and did not mean to make anyone upset.  I think after the tweet they handled the situation well however it could have very easily been avoided had the company done a little bit of research. Now the brand has a negative association because one social media mistake.

Brewers and Social Media


Social media is a great tool for promotion and the Brewers are using it to its full potential. Caitlin Moyer is the Director of New Media and spoke at Marquette’s PR Social Media Summit to share the tactics of the Brewers use of social media. The Brewers are on all main social media platforms such as Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, as well as having a blog. Each platform is used differently but with the ultimate goal of promotion and informing the fans about what is going on with the Brewers. Some of the main uses of social media for the Brewers is to give the fans insider information and increase the brand.

I found it very interesting that although the social media department is so small with just one main person Caitlin, the Brewers rank in the top of the charts on most of their accounts. On Facebook they have over 998,000 likes which ranks them 17th in MLB with smallest area, on Twitter they are also ranked 17th among the other MLB teams. And their blog, John and Cait… Plus Nine, is ranked third.

It is always important to have a plan in place when it comes to social media, but since it is such a fast tool sometimes you just have to scratch everything if something better comes along and this is exactly what the Brewers did when Hank came to training camp last summer. Hank wandered into training camp in Arizona and the team immediately fell in love with him and Hank became a star. They originally put Hank on social media to try to find his owner but when that was not going to happen they adopted him and he became the Brewers dog. He became a celebrity for the Brewers he participated in the sausage race both in Arizona and in Miller Park during a game, he was officially made a part of the team, he had his own bobble head night, and has a large amount of fans. The Brewers teamed up with charities and made this not only about promotion for the Brewers but as a way to help animals in general. While this was not planned it turned into a great thing for the Brewers and with out social media Hank would have not as big of an impact as he did.

A+ for Google +

Google + is a tool that I personally did not know much about until recently but after seeing the capabilities of Google + I believe it is a tool that needs to be used more. Google is a brand that is widely known for its searching ability but with Google +, Google has much more to offer. This social media platform is not as popular as Facebook, Twitter or ever Instagram but it is growing and has the potential to go beyond those platforms. Google + has the ability to build a database for you based on your searches, videos and maps, They get an understanding of who you are and what you like and can cater to those preferences. I think one of the best features Google + is the chat and hangout feature. With this feature you can bring regular conversations to the next level with photos, emojis, and group video calls. You can connect with friends using computers, android and apple devices. You can get up to 10 friends to have a conversation with or you can simply start a conversation. While there are some issues with Google +, it is free and offers so much so I give Google + an A+.

ONEHOPE Wine…#winenot

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.06.23 PM

ONEHOPE Wine a company based out of Southern California, whose goal is to make a social impact by donating half their proceeds to various charities. Their story began in 2007 as a personal mission to help a friend fighting cancer and turned into so much more.  ONEHOPE set a goal of creating a quality wine that would allow them to donate to different causes year around.  And after seven years they have accomplished and exceeded their goal. Over $1.2 million dollars has been donated to to over 200 charitable partners.  Some of the causes and organizations include breast cancer prevention and treatment, autism reach and treatment, supporting our troops, providing clean water and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). ONEHOPE wine can be purchased in some stores and restaurants and can also be shipped nation wide. ONEHOPE Wine is a great example of a company that uses the power of social media for promotion and selling.

I personally found out about this company on Facebook and was intrigued to find out more, and I was a very impressed with what I found. One simple post got me to link to their website, then once I found out what a great causes they supported, I went and followed them on Twitter, Instagram and found their blog. Since the day I discovered ONEHOPE Wine I have told all my friends, I have become a part of their emailing list, I have looked all over to find a place to buy this wine and finally I plan on purchasing  some online. This is one example of how their efforts on social media inspired word of mouth marketing and how their social media create ties between themselves, their customers and the charities they support.

IMG_8873 Hashtags can be very beneficial to promote brands on social media and ONEHOPE Wine is taking full advantage. #WineWednesday is a very popular weekly hashtag that is commonly used and ONEHOPE Wine is using this to their benefit.  On their social media sites they often use #winewednesday of this to promote their wine and causes they support.  Since this is a popular hashtag it will usually be trending, therefore more people will be exposed to their brand. IMG_9501In addition to the weekly hashtags they have promotional monthly hashtags.

The month of September they have been using #sparklingseptember. September is knows as hunger awareness month.  This month ONEHOPE Wine unveiled a sparkling Brut wine, half of these proceeds are going towards ending childhood hunger. In each post using #sparklingseptember they give facts about childhood hunger to help raise awareness.

Another hashtag ONEHOPE Wine uses is #winenot. This is a less used hashtag but after searching the hashtag it is often associated with ONEHOPE Wine but not always which is beneficial because when people look up the hashtag they will be often be directed to the ONEHOPE Wine page which will then raise awareness about the company as well as the charities they support.

On social media ONEHOPE Wine excels in promotion, knowledge, creativity and selling.  Everyone should find out more about ONEHOPE Wine and purchase some wine that is not only delicious but also supports great causes! Its #WineWednesday so #Winenot

(Photos by as well as ONEHOPE Wine Instragram @onehopewine)